75 years – 75 stories

Vanderlande’s commemorative book

As part of Vanderlande’s 75th anniversary celebrations, we are pleased to present you a special commemorative book. This book presents 75 stories of former and current colleagues.

The stories are representative of what our company became known for during the past 75 years: our customer-first culture, ongoing entrepreneurship, and focus on the wellbeing and development of our employees.

We hope you enjoy reading this book!

Read the online PDF

Download the ePub

Like to see more?

Along with the commemorative book, we’ve produced a documentary that gets right to the heart of what makes Vanderlande so special – its people. Colleagues (past and present) tell us what it means to work for the company, while sharing some special memories along the way.

So please take a seat and join us on a trip around the world of Vanderlande.