My journey at Vanderlande has been extraordinary, and captures the essence of an email address I use, which includes the phrase: “Joylovetheworld”. It’s been a privilege to lead and collaborate with incredible teams, delivering numerous supply chain projects globally.

Among the whirlwind of experiences, it’s the people I’ve had the honour to work with that have left the most profound mark on me. There are three gifts symbolic of our shared journey that I hold dear to my heart. Before departing China, my team surprised me with a delicate flower brooch. I wear it quite often and it always reminds me that the bonds we made will endure.

When I moved to The Netherlands, I wasn’t sure if people there would like my leadership style, but I needn’t have worried. It was a great team and when we had finished our programme, a member that I had recruited gave me a handcrafted card expressing gratitude for inviting her to join our journey.

And just last year in our Marietta office, on what they call “Boss Day”, I was presented with a stunning necklace engraved with the words: “Onwards and upwards”. I used to say that all the time because the team was going through a difficult period when I joined. Those words are testament to our collective commitment as we turned things around.

These gifts and memories serve as enduring reminders of the incredible culture fostered by Vanderlande. It’s a culture that allows for the celebration of joy and love, and amplifies our work to the world, helping to make the impossible achievable.

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