I clearly remember my interview on 7 February 2017. I was excited about the position after seeing all the videos on Vanderlande’s YouTube channel. I was close to getting the internship when I was asked: “Are you sure you want this – you’ll just be translating documents from Spanish to English?”

My answer was: “Yes, of course!” However, only a few weeks later I was carrying out other tasks, such as helping to upgrade databases and doing some design work. I loved the job and used to finish the day dancing around the office – I was so happy!

We worked hard, but had great fun as well. Once we even went to the beach for a team-building session. It was a positive introduction to the world of Vanderlande, and I’m still enjoying my time with the company. I even love Mondays!

The speed of change in that first role surprised me, but Vanderlande wants to see what you can do and helps you to progress. I am proud of some of the jobs I did in Spain, like designing models of a machine that is now used in airports across the world.

I went through Buenos Aires airport one day and saw the machine in action, and thought: “I designed this solution on my computer!” I don’t have to see my name on something – it just feels great to make life easier for people and add value to a business.

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