One of my tasks was to work more closely with our colleagues in Pune to build up the software development expertise at VOICE (Vanderlande Office Centre of Engineering). This was a very exciting task for me, as I had never been to India, or rather, had never left the European continent at that time. So my first trip to Pune was not just a business trip, it was an adventure.

Arriving in Pune, still in our old VOICE office, I was welcomed so warmly that after a few moments I felt as comfortable as at other Vanderlande locations I was allowed to visit. The co-operation was purposeful and we were able to start recruiting our first small team of developers after a short time. Over the years, we have managed to build up a solid department and VOICE makes a real value contribution in software development. The close cooperation that has developed with our location in Dortmund, for example, is proof to me that with a good corporate culture, collaboration is also possible across borders and time zones. And, as I have seen for myself, this can lead to friendships.

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