Before joining Vanderlande, I had worked for five different companies in five years. Then, along came Vanderlande and I realised that I could achieve so much more – and it would be a more fulfilling career.

What makes Vanderlande special is the culture, which binds us all together. This is best represented by the emphasis we place on inclusivity. The individual matters, everyone can make a contribution – and many people have grown massively as a result. A good example is a female colleague who went from being the most junior to the most senior member of the team within a year.
Personally, I think I have been able to do almost everything that I have wished for, such as expanding the team and becoming a delivery partner. It’s about being an enabler, initially for local teams and now for the whole company worldwide. I enjoy connecting with our people, understanding their problems and then coming up with the solutions.

We value people, prioritising their work-life balance, as we evolve as a trust-based organisation. In addition, we have developed technologically and this has had the biggest impact on our business. I believe we are on the journey to become a world-class digital company. I am proud of what we have achieved, but it’s important that we continue to embrace the new technologies and keep climbing up the leaderboard.

Vanderlande can make your dreams come true, especially if you have aligned your goals with those of the company. There is a world of opportunities and possibilities if you have the right attitude and mindset

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